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How do I book an appointment?


So you’re ready to commit to wearing some killer art from The Artery, awesome! A consultation is always recommended as the first step. Use our BOOKING FORM to set up a consultation with an artist and get started, or email us at INFO@ARTERYORIGINALS.COM. During the consultation we will set up an appointment(s) for your tattoo. 

non-refundable deposit of $100 will be taken to hold your appointment. The deposit is taken off the final cost of your tattoo. If you no-show or cancel completely the deposit is forfeited, and 48 hours notice is required to reschedule. 


Please note that designs are usually drawn up close to your appointment, sometimes the night before, so there may not be an opportunity to review your design far in advance. However we always set aside enough time for revisions and edits within reason the day of your tattoo. The consultation process is an important step to making sure you convey your idea in as much detail as possible, so please be prepared with reference images and descriptions if necessary.


What can I do to prepare for my tattoo appointment?


To prepare for a comfortable and relaxed tattoo session there are a few things that you must do, starting the day before your appointment:

  • Avoid alcohol for 24 hours leading to your appointment 

  • Drink plenty of water, and get a good night’s sleep, despite the building anticipation 

  • The day of your appointment, make sure you eat a good meal within a couple hours of your tattoo

  • Bring a sealable beverage and some snacks for longer sessions

  • Bringing a friend to your appointment is not always advisable, their boredom will lead to your discomfort or in the worse case, create a distraction to both you and the artist. We have music, movies and your own device to keep you as distracted or in-the-moment as you wish.


What will it feel like?


Every client is different, with different sensitivities and receiving different styles of tattooing.


Some areas are definitely more painful than others, but many liken the pain to something like a cat scratch or a sunburn. 

The best way to prepare your body to be tattooed, and to make sure your pain threshold is where you need it to be, is to make sure you have eaten well before your appointment. 



My tattoo looks awesome, how do I take care of it?


That artwork that now adorns your skin requires some care for it to heal perfectly and age gracefully with your body.

You will leave the shop with a high-quality, medical grade bandage over your tattoo, along with written instructions for your reference.

This see-through, waterproof and durable bandage will protect your fresh tattoo from rubbing on your clothes, environmental debris, bacteria etc and will remain on for a week. 

You can expect to see some fluid buildup under the wrap at first, in some cases you will be required to clean the tattoo and replace the bandage at home after the first 24 hours.


  • You will need unscented, liquid soap to clean your tattoo, as well as small amounts of unscented moisturizer for when the bandage cycle is done. 

  • Removing the bandage in the shower is recommended. Pull the bandage down in the direction of hair growth. If the bandage is sticking too well to the skin, you can use some baby oil around the edges to loosen the adhesion.

  • Using your hands, work up a lather of unscented soap on the tattoo, gently washing away the plasma and any residue from the bandage.

  • Make sure any soap residue is rinsed off, and then dry the tattoo by patting it with paper towel instead of using a towel. You can follow that up with a very thin amount of unscented moisturizer, making sure it is fully absorbed into the skin.

  • Keeping your tattoo out of direct sunlight for 4 - 6 weeks is crucial, as well as is keeping it from being submerged in water for that period of time.  

You can usually start to use sunscreen on your tattoo once the skin appears to be healed in around 3 weeks. Until then, loose fitting, breathable clothing will keep it safe. After that point, sunscreen is recommended for any duration of sun exposure to prevent pre-mature fading of the tattoo from UV rays. 


Do I need a touch-up?


If at least 6 weeks have gone by since your tattoo and you have some questions about how it has healed up, please contact your artist and let them know your concerns. 

We always want our healed work to look as perfect as possible, so if it is deemed that a touch-up is needed through no fault of your own, it will be done free-of-charge. 

However, if it is deemed that the touch-up is required due to your negligence with aftercare, a small fee may apply to cover equipment costs.  

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